New Mexico Hot Springs

Well, it's late and I'm tired, so I'm only going to post one hot spring from New Mexico, but it's a good one. This is near the town of Jemez Pueblo, in the north, not far from Los Alamos. So even if you didn't want to visit the Atomic Bomb Museum at Los Alamos or the old square in Santa Fe; even if you didn't want to experience the incredible camping nearby, take in a day of tourism in Taos or hit that great taco shack on the way out of Taos, you really ought to hit this part of the country to experience the San Antonio Hot Springs, north of Jemez Pueblo. From the parking lot, it's a good 20 minute scramble up a steep slope to a series of perfect, gravel-bottom hot pools on a mountainside at an elevation of 8000 feet.