Oregon Hot Springs

Now, even if I knew of more than a few hot springs in the deserts of Eastern Oregon, I probably wouldn't tell you about them. The Alvord Desert and the area to the east of it are a special place and you can really have to go out there on your own to experience it. I wouldn't want to deprive you of that adventure. Here's a taste of the mysteries you can find in Oregon, though.

There are places near Borax Lake where you just wouldn't want to stumble around at night. Peggy and I found this hole of rapidly boiling water, big enough to swallow a man or a cow, inside of two closed cattle fences and about ten miles of desert ruts. We never did find the Borax Lake hot spring.

Not far away, though, about two hours from Denio, is the Whitehorse Ranch hot spring, an incredible mecca way, way out, back of beyond. It's split into two sections, one the perfect hot and the other a perfect warm. You can spend hours flopping over the low stone divider that separates one from the other. All I can say again is, why am I living in New York City?